5x8 LED Matrix Display: need urgent help! ^_^

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hi! if you are reading this post then thank you for taking the time. i hope you can help me. :)

i'm a beginner in electronics and i have a project called Computer Based Electronic Message board, it's composed of 12 pieces of 5x8 LED Matrix and can display 15 characters at a time. it uses visual basic for the programming, and a PIC16F877A as the microcontroller. however, i want to modify it further. i want it to have a feature where the message being displayed also has an audio (like in audio e-books.) is this possible? :confused:

moreover, i want it to display the current temperature of the surroundings (like those weather forecasts..) how can this be done? :confused:

please help me... :)


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Do PIC16F887A's do VB? Or do you use VB in a PC to compose the message and transmit it to the PIC?

If the PIC has an A to D converter, get an LM34 or 35 for the temperature feature.

Don't think you have enough horsepower to do audio. Unless you use the PC.


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You could use some vb scripts to play the text what you type in for the pic to display but you can only play it through your pc hardware..


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Hi all... thanks for your replies... I am working on 8 bit moving message display... this discussion is of a great help to me. I can start with the circuit now... thanks