5v Voltage Regulator

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Sorry bit of a dumb beginners question..

A schematic i am using asks for a LM7805, but all my suppliers have is a L7805CV. Looking at Data sheet i believe it is still ok to substitute? Couldn't see what the M and CV differences made?



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Different manufacturers often use trailing letters with different meanings. This can be very confusing until you can find the datasheet from the manufacturer.

While datasheet search sites are handy, you should always go to the manufacturer's site to download their most current datasheets for the parts you're considering purchasing; you may discover that specifications have changed, the part has been discontinued, or there are better parts that you can substitute.


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L7805CV provides 1.5A

LM7805 provides 1A you can get a little more with good heat sink. Also thermal cutout and short circuit protect. Get both data sheets and compare depends what you making the regulator for to supply.


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All 7805 regulators in a TO-220 case are the same. They have excellent spec's up to a 1A load but still work not as good up to 1.5A.