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    Jan 20, 2009
    Hello All,
    I would like to use a 555 timer for some different applications. I need some help interfacing them.

    The first circuit should delay 30 seconds then turn on a high current DC relay continuously. Will the 555 do that on its own. Or do I need some additional circuitry. Someone Told me about using a latch, but I don't know which one or how to hook it up.

    The second will be just an adjustable 15 - 60 seconds. I need to know the best way to hook its output to a high current DC relay.

    Any advice and experience would be greatly appreciated.

    R. Ellis
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    Apr 2, 2009
    Ever think of using a 555 timer in monostable config, try google and you will get plenty off diagrams. do another search in timers.
    Or you could try the AAC itself


    built one and we will go from there.
    Read everything it will help you.
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    Another variable is the "high current" DC relay...you will be passing high current through the secondary coil, and primary coil which closes the contacts doesn't have to take much current. A 5V or 9V relay rated for your switched current is all you need there. And 2 monostable-rigged 555's of course....