555 Timer use for a motorsport light signal board

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    Jan 12, 2013
    Hi folks

    Im doing a project at uni which involves me designing and constructing an led flashing signal board that is used in Motorsport, also i might point out im a mechanical student with only a basic understanding of the voodoo that is electronics. After having a mooch around the net it seems that my only viable option is to use a 555 timer.

    My main question is what sort of capacitor and resistor values am i looking to be used if this idea is actually viable. (see below for actual specs). Also if anyone knows of any 555 'bible' websites id be grateful.

    System Requirements:
    12v dc 7.0ah
    150 leds (ten clusters of 75 5mm leds (15 leds of each colour/only one colour on at a time)
    Colours - red,yellow.blue.green.white (also aware of different led specs)

    I'm aware that a single 555 timer cant handle the 150 which is why I have split the leds into clusters, also assuming one 555 per colour group per cluster if that makes sense.

    Any help from you electrical geniuses much appreciated :p

    Ta ;)

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