555 timer reset

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    Mar 11, 2013
    I'm looking at a block diagram of the 555 timer. It shows the outputs of the two comparators going to a block labeled "Control F/F". I assume that F/F stands for "flip flop", but don't understand how the reset is interacting with this block. I'll be grateful if someone can explain this.

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    The reset pin is normally tied to +Vcc to ensure normal operation of the 555's configured functional mode [e.g. mono-stable / astable].

    A high-to-low voltage transition [+Vcc to ground/common say] causes a high level state at the 555's output to be driven to the low level state. This is done by setting the flip-flop state accordingly at the high-to-low transition on the reset pin. If the 555's output is already at low level state a change at the reset pin will have no effect.