555 Time Delay Switch

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm fairly new to designing circuits and am only familiar with audio circuitry as I am aspiring to be a guitar amp tech. As such I was having trouble designing a delay circuit for an electric airsoft gun.

At the field where I play airsoft, snipers with bolt action rifles can have higher FPS limits. I have an electric gun that I want to put a delay circuit in to simulate
the time it takes to cycle a bolt to allow me to use my semi automatic gun to run higher FPS. I'm fairly clueless as to how to start this project and what to use as a basis for the circuit. I was looking into 555 chips as a timer. My goal is to create a circuit that would break the circuit for about 2-10 seconds after the trigger is pulled. It would have to close the circuit for about 1-2 seconds to allow the motor/gears/piston to make 1 complete cycle. My gun uses an 7.4v lipo as a power supply to run the motor. Any help with my little project would be much appreciated, I'm open to any ideas or opinions:)