555 4017 led simulation using yenka program

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Hi guys, just found this great program which can simulate electronic diagrams. It called Yenka and it was free for a 15 day trail.

The question I've got is how much voltage can the 4017 decade counter handle. I have simulated a bunch of 555 and 4017 led flasher circuits but the simulator all ways tells me the 4017 pin voltage has been exceeded and can only handle 1v.


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Not familiar with that simulator, however, other simulators require a VDD=xxV parameter to model the supply voltage dependence of the 4000 series of CMOS logic.


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Hola Alberto Leandro Tupone

You've bought the software ???
No.. .
Probably the temporary license period is over.

We could see us your design with the intention of seeking some mistakes ??
you could compress your file ***. YKA with WinZip or WinRAR and upload the compressed file.
Thanks a lot crutschow. Actually this is pretty weird, it doesn't take any voltage for above of 6v. I'll try the LTspice.
By the way, with this soft can also make a PCB? Thanks a lot! :)