50 Amp RV outlet

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I had an electrician hook up a 50 amp Rv hook up on a new garage I just built. He had ran 10-2 w/G instead of 10-3 W/g. We are in Indiana. He used the ground as his 3rd wire, and ran a seperate ground to a ground rod. Is this all right, and will it work sufficiantly?? Thanks for any help


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Does your RV use 120 or 240 V? Also, 30 or 50 amps? Most [all but the biggest motor homes] use 120 V; if yours runs on 120 V then the number of wires is OK but I'm far more concerned about the size of the wire. #10 wire is only rated at 30 amps. You didn't indicate what size breaker [or fuses] he connected the wire to; if he used a 50 A breaker then he should've used at least #8 wire or, better yet, #6. Also, did he add a separate ground rod? If so, it needs to be hard wired to the rest of your grounds so that in case of a fault, like a hot wire shorting to ground in your RV, it will have a direct wired path back to your main panel so it can trip the breaker or blow a fuse & clear the fault. If that's an isolated ground rod there may be enough resistance through the ground to prevent the breaker from tripping & the frame of your RV would stay hot which is a big safety hazard.

So, to summarize, for 120 V, 30 A, #10-2 w/g is OK; for 120 V, 50 A, use #6-2 w/g; for 240 V, 50 A, use #6-3 w/g cable. [I've never heard of 240 V, 30 A service to an RV so I didn't mention it.] And make sure your ground wire in this cable is connected to the ground bus in the main panel.