5-Building Lift

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    You are required to prepare a complete mechatronics design of “G-building Lift” which serves the 5 levels Engineering building. Study the lift characteristics and functions carefully.Use a 3-phase Y connected motor as a main motor and two-directional single phase motor for the door opening/closing.Assume suitable speed to open/close the door and to move up and down (you can measure the time of these actions and calculate the speed accordingly).Equip the system with facilities to manually override the control system.It is expected that your design include all the details such as led indicators and all available functions in the lift.Calculate the force/torque, power, etc. of the system.
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    Aside from cutting & pasting your assignment what part of "You are required" are you having trouble with?
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    What is the meaning of "G" in "G-building-lift"?
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