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i am doing my final year project. i use 4N26 as elctrical isolation. the zener diode 5.1V is used to protect microcontoller. my microcontroller max input volgate is 5.1V. let say the zener diode is ideal and i connect my circuit as shown. i choose Vce as output (7 to 14V ), but i not sure my zener diode is correctly coneected or not.. anybody can help me? thnak you very much.



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Your Zener is upside down in the schematic. Also you will need a load resistor from the collector of the photo transistor to the 7-14v supply. If you choose the correct value, then the Zener will be redundant as the voltage will never exceed 5v at pin 13.


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Yeah, a lot wrong with your circuit.

As mentioned, use a resistor from the collector of the transistor to your 5V supply. No need for input protection, since it is an open-collector output. The voltage will only be as high as your voltage applied to the pullup. I don't see a reason why you would use 7-14V..

Also, what's up with the 1.5K resistor? What voltage are you applying? Maybe if you're applying 50V or something, but if it is a 5V input, then the resistor should be around 130 ohms. I don't understand the 10M resistor, what is that for?