48V to 12V DC converter

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Hi :),

I was simulating DC converter schematics using LT Spice (freeware). (Could be downloaded from http://www.linear.com/designtools/software/ltspice.jsp ) Enclosed the attachment.

Does anyone having exposure to developing DC DC converter advice me if this works. The data is as below
Input - 48V
Output - 12V
Output Amps - 20 amps

Typically I get a spike of 20V at the startup and then the output is constant. Any suggestion to overcome this phenomena is welcome.




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Typically you just have a delay in starting the PWM controller, then have it ramp up the duty cycle slowly starting from 0%. As soon as you hit your target voltage, then switch it into it's fast acting regulation mode.

I don't have any way to look at your schematic right now to give any more details. Sorry.