4 pole latching relay, to work in steps

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    Jan 19, 2009
    hi there all, [​IMG]

    I am building a motor that has to turn a window shade, and am trying to make it automatic so that it opens when it turns light outside and closes when it turns dark.


    now because it has to turn only until the shade closes I had this idea of using a latching relay and microswitches

    chain to open and close the shade. With stops that trigger the microswitches. the stops will hit this lock with springs that moves enough to allow the stop to hit the but then pull it back thereby reengaging the switch.

    so here's the idea I use a 4 pole latching relay, when the light sensor activates it applys positive power to the relay starting in phase 1 will turn the motor clockwise and when the microswitch disconects momentarily and then reconects, it throws the relay into phase 2 shuting off power to the motor, when power is reapplied to the relay again the relay kicks into phase 3 throwing the motor in reverse (counter clockwise) until it hits the microswitch (momentarily shuting off and suppling power again) throwing the relay into phase 4 turning it off and so on...

    now I know there are alot of things that are not going to work here because I'm kind of a noobee and was just using my imagination, but... I really want this to work. and because I'm not sure of all the exact concepts.

    can anbody help me out here please??

    I've uploaded a picture basically of what i'm trying to do.
    please see my diagram at this link
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