4 inputs, max output?

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I need to take 4 inputs from the user and output only the max value. I made 4 dials (with values ranging from 0-10) in labview. The output value is supposed to show up on a guage.

I figured out how to do it correctly with up to 3 inputs, but can't get the 4 input scenario right.

Here is the block diagram that I have:

I'm using the min/max function and the greater than and the select function to try to get the required output, but there is something wrong here.

And here is the GUI:

The guage should be showing 8 in this instance.

Any help?


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I don't understand the symbols or anything there, but I'll take a shot.

From a purely programming point of view, I'd use minmax(input1, input2) select max1, minmax(input3, input4) select max2, then minmax(max1, max2) -> select.

Does that help at all?


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I understand the symbols now, unfortunately there's no demo version of LabView for MacOS X or any other platform. Why is the output from greater than going in the middle of the select function? Would that have something to do with it? (I don't understand how the three inputs work for the select function).