3S5P Li-Ion battery with BMS and Boost converter - can I charge thru the Boost Converter

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I am building a battery for my golf buggy to replace a lead-acid one. The motor controller is designed for the lead-acid battery that has an o/c voltage of around 13.6V whereas the Li-Ion battery is 12.5V or less. After a few hours the controller sometimes sees the lower Li-Ion battery voltage as being too low and cuts out under load such as going up a hill. I am incorporating a boost converter to boost the o/c voltage to say 13.6V so the controller won't cut out. My question is can I connect a battery charger straight to the output terminals of the boost converter or do I need to connect to the output side of the Battery Management System (BMS) PCB.


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The charger goes to the BMS pcb, that will control the battery charging.

I would be looking at altering the low voltage sense , it's probably a couple of resistors across the battery to feed a micro or comparator.