3phase induction motor. Effect of Delta connection & Star connection

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Hey guys :)

I was just wondering is someone could tell me how a delta or Star connection changes how an equivalent circuit would be analysed.

Is it as simple as just different input voltage and current?
Star: VL = √3Vphase, IL = Ip
Delta: VL = Vp, IL = √3Ip
If the motor is rated at, say 230V, with a delta connection, dose this just mean Vin (or V1) = Vp = 230V?

My main worry is just that, I think I remember my tutor say "we will just assume its star connection. Makes things easier" for a question, not specifying its connection. Dose this make any sense?

Thanks guys :)


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Not dumb, but I don't know very many people who have the answer off the top of their head. You need to get the book out and read it. I know the difference between delta and star connect configuration, but I never memorized the equations.

I think the reason star connect is easier to analyze is because the center of the star can be assumed to be virtual ground.


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The star configuration will limit the inrush current during the initial start-cycle where it will be switched to delta when up to speed. A bank of induction motors continuously being driven up to speed in delta can be expensive for the bill-payer.

If you "plug-in" values in the star-delta relationships and make a comparison you will see the differences.