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    Jul 19, 2010
    Hello everybody,
    Recently I took apart my old DVD player with a 3in. LCD screen in it, and I was intrigued by its size and well I decided of a simple little project to help me learn more on screens, video, etc. Somehow I managed to count the pins on the orangish flat tab thing that connected it to the circuit and the screen; it had 30 pins. I honestly don't know any of these pins, i've looked for hours for data sheets for this type of LCD and searched on this site and nothing really helped to the fullest.

    So to get to the point, I really just would like a way to learn more about this and how to make it display something extremely simple, in the long run with the knowledge I hope to receive over time would be to make a wireless video display from a camera (Live feed basically).

    If anyone has a helpful site or even pin count diagram would be greatly appreciated. I hope im not asking too much, but what would be a way to in simplest form hook it up to display some sort of image/video.

    Any help is much appreciated,


    EDIT: Also, the LCD screen is an au model, there are a bunch of numbers on the back of the screen I figured I might as well post them;

    178673C000 - XX - 0002739 This is below the top barcode

    AO35CNO2 This is on the bottom barcode, Later I may post a picture of the Screen as an extra measure
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