3g or 4g connection

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    May 15, 2014
    Hi forum,

    i am using an intel atom Desktop Board DN2800MT with windows7, i would like to get connection via 3g though the PCIe slot.
    I saw different kind of modules, that could work his one looks really sweet with sim slot:


    but could not find it somewhere else to buy.


    The second one is a HuaWei EM770U but has no SIM slot, so i am a little bit confused how i get 3g in USA thorough this option.
    Does someone has experience.

    Thanks a lot
  2. Litch


    Jan 25, 2013
    If you just need a network connection, there are many "3G WAN Routers" available that take SIM cards, and all you need do is plug your network cable in to it. (Ericsson W35 is an old, expensive example). Modern 3G routers are much cheaper but I'm out of touch with recent models.

    What I can say (from experience), is you'll have no end of trouble getting a 3G WAN card working in a mini-PCIe slot (as the SIM pins are integrated into the PCIe header), and that mini-PCIe to PCIe riser cards with integrated SIM slots are also highly overrated (Buggy hardware).

    What you will also find is that most 3G mini-PCIe cards actually operate over the USB header within the mini-PCIe header (yes, there's USB in there as well) which brings me to my next point - why bother with PCIe based 3G WAN cards at all when there are many, many more (cheaper) USB models available? You can simply hijack an internal USB2.0 header and fit a USB socket for the USB 3G WAN stick. Presto (This is how I got my SMS gateway operating stable in the end).