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    Note: I am locking this thread because it is not meant to be commented on, I plan on using this for the Introduction of the new Completed Projects forum subcategory. Domments can be made on the Feedback and Suggestions forum here. This paragraph will self destruct sometime in the future.

    3D printers are becoming increasingly common. Many people are springing the big bucks to buy completed units, or more commonly, building their own from scratch. Much of the materials and tools needed are open source, or available for non-commercial use for hobbiests. Printers can be accessed at many Maker Spaces (clubs where you can use their tools for a monthly fee) or at universities and schools, and their are 3rd party vendors who will make your prints for a reasonable fee, such as Shapeways. The number of such vendors is growing.

    I am adding an experimental subsection to the Completed Projects forum because of this. If it doesn't work out I will remove the subsection, and move the threads to the Projects Forum instead.

    Hope you like it.

    Standards and Tools

    The core file extension needed for using 3D printers is STL (STereo Lithography). The preferred format is millimeters and binary. You will have to insert these files into a .zip file for upload since this is not a recognized extension for this site, as is the .skp extension used by Sketchup.

    We will allow for non electronic print plans, but this site is primarily for electronics, and electronic tools. If abused we will change the rules if needed.

    A screenshot of the 3D drawing package display for the item is required in the post, along with a picture of the finished product. The .stl file is also required packed in a .zip file.


    I have been playing with with Sketchup for a couple of weeks. The Sketchup Maker version is available for non-commercial use. For this reason you may not sell your designs, they must be offered freely. As always, the spamming restrictions on AAC are in full force.

    If you have any questions on how to use this package post them in the Electronics Chat or Projects forum, not in the Completed Projects.
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