38khz IR remote circuit

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I made a USB remote reciever for my PC and the reciever chip I have used is TSOP 1738... Its a 38KHz IR reciever.. It works fine with all ordinary remotes but I wish to make my own remote.. could somebody help me design a 38KHz IR transmitter circuit using simple components.. NEC or philips coding is not necessary as the reciever can catch any signal in the 38KHz range.. It should have 5 or 6 buttons which can be made possibly thru resistors I hope.. Any help please??


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You still need to modulate the IR beam with 38kHz signal, and then encode the buttons. Start with an encoding scheme (3 bits should suffice for less than 8 buttons) and don't forget to include the initial preamble burst to synch and set the receiver AGC.

If you lok at it, you'd still need a microcontroller to do all these task. And a simple transistor switch to drive the IR transmitter.