32.768 kHz xtal problem

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hello, i try to made 10 bits binary counter.
Therefore i used xtal for 1hz, so i found circuit in google and made it!

but problem is that it works well when i put finger on it or extremly close to it.
I put xtal very close to 4060, and checked if there is anything wrong in my work.
I also try different capacitors for it too.
only it works when i put slightly big one with cathode floting, but slow and getting slower.
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Have you got a Frequency counter to check the output of the CD4060, if you are putting your finger on it, then there you are adding capacitance to the Xtal,try changing R1 to 220K.
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One of the contributors claims to have had great success using the CD4060 with the built in oscillator circuit and various crystals. My experience has been different. Perhaps that person will be willing to share the secret of their success with us.


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I totally agree with crutschow. I have 14 years of experience with such quartz resonators. I usually used 20 MegaOhm to set the generator's inverter Gate mode. And an additional 300kohms to improve the phase relations. The same 300kohms improve the shape of the signal for the frequency divider (making the signal with better rise and fall).
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The component values I use in the 4060 timebase circuit are as follows:
R1 - 330K
R2 - 10Meg
C1 - 10pF
C2 - 20-60pF
In my case, C2 isn't a variable cap, but rather various value fixed caps in parallel to tune the freq.
You can use a variable cap if you want though.