3 Position Multiple Connections Switch, or something

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Hey everyone,

I'm brand new to this forum and appreciate any help or guidance anyone can give me. I'm a musician and like to mess around with electronics, but I am not an expert with either by any means.

I need help with wiring slightly complex switches on circuit boards. I have 3 sets of wires (point A) with each set containing the same amount of wires that need to go to another set of matching wires (point B). I need to wire a 3-position switch to toggle between the 3 sets on point A which will determine which set connects to point B. I was hoping to have a simple 3-position switch wired to a custom circuit board that does some magic with toggling between these many wires. I think there are up to 20 wires on the 3 sets that connect to their matching 20.

This is me combining 3 old electronic organs. I will use the keys from one of the organs but the circuits, etc. from all 3 organs. I want to toggle the keys and their connections between the 3 organs separate sounds and settings. I am hoping to have 3 separate switches using the same concept. 1 for the bass pedals; 1 for the main keys; and 1 for the upper keys.

I like to have lots of options when it comes to my sound. I also want to be efficient with transportation and space consumption so this is why I want to do this. I'm also going to re-house everything into a few separate units (top keys and switches in one, bass pedals in another, circuit boards and speakers in the 3rd) that have connecting wires so it's much easier to be moved by a single person. I'm sure some of you know how heavy and awkward some of these old organs are to transport.

Thanks for your time, any help appreciated :)


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I suggest that you pick up a DB25 ABC or ABCD manual switch box; something like this:

This looks better:

Then you can use "null modem" straight through DB25 cables (available in various lengths) and connectors to hook up your devices to the switch box. This makes your system pretty modular using fairly standard components. Most of the work will then be wiring the DB25 connectors to your equipment.