3 Phase Power Unbalanced Loads

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    Aug 27, 2009
    I have a delta wired three phase power panel with a series of single phase loads that total 100kVA phAB, 200kVA phBC, 300kva phCA. How do I determine the resultant 3 phase load and the equivalent generator needed to supply the panel? There was a rule of thumb method mentioned, but I'm not looking for the rule of thumb. I'm not certain that ƩkVA the loads is accurate or (ƩkVA)*(√3)/3 is correct either.
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    either delta or wye, your total demand in watts is the sum of the phases. Your generator however will have to have a rating that services the current draw of the highest load, as well as voltage. So it comes down to the costs of upping the source capabilities, or redistributing the loads.