3 Floor lift programming issue

Discussion in 'Programmer's Corner' started by adnan namal, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. adnan namal

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    Mar 24, 2014
    i am working on my fyp controller for three storey lift. i have completed the hardware part of my project and basic programming using Hall buttons + Lift buttons as well. Know i am stuck on some part of programming like i don't know how to store and serve the requests while lift is moving..
    kindly add one thing in my code is to store one request when lift is moving from floor 0 to floor 2 and there is one request from floor 1 down hall call (to move down), lift continue to move up to floor 2 then it will move down to floor 1. By understanding this part i will be able to complete all other tasks.
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    Oct 29, 2009
    I assume this lift is for people?

    Why not just buy a commercial product that has been designed and tested by a team of engineers and been time tested, instead of trying to build something yourself and risk lives?


    1. Many people aren't going to open a zip file from a stranger.

    2. Most people don't have Proteus and wouldn't risk loading your file anyway.

    3. No one is going to spend time going over your code explaining it to you, if you can't understand it yourself.

    If I had to guess you did not spend close enough attention in class.