3-D laser beam animation-how is it done?

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Manfred Von Steinborn

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When I visited Singapore, I saw the most amazing laser+light show.
I am wandering how to duplicate it on much smaller scale.
Here are few videos.

In this one, I was told, all images are created by computer coordinated 3-D laser beams projected onto the water mist courtain. Images are 60 ft high! The jumping dolphin looks like a real thing! Amazing!

In this video the most amazing feature appears at 2:15 min, The Blow Fish dance at the center stage . Amazing animation and colors!

How is it done? Any suggestions?


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Basically it is done with a set of galvanometer controlled mirrors and a q-switch.

The two mirrors are configured to create the laser's beam steerage in the X & Y axes and the q-switch (or some other means of modulation) turns the beam on and off.

By coordinating the laser's modulation and X-Y steering mirrors, and when combined with the phenomenon of human vision persistence, images can be "drawn" on any light dispersing medium.

Additional lasers or techniques may be used to add other colors as required.