3 axis cnc controller circuit help

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How is every body doing i am doing a senior project and the project is about controlling a 3 axis machine and let say kind of a pick and place machine. It is mostly and idea for now not sure what the whole thing would be like but surely it would be able to pick some up and place it where needed. I be using mach3 as the controller software which would connected to a parallel port. so i need a controller circuit that would control three stepper motor in the range of 12v to 24v tops.The project require us to built a controller, so we can't buy one. I would be using small stepper motor no big stuff. I would basically a shelf with 3 axis frame attached to it and we will move stuff around in the shelf from one slot to another. Best description would be a "wending machine."


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Only thousands of ways to do this..and hundreds of chips for stepper control..

Allegro A3967 is the one used in the Arduino Easy Drivers..

I'm building this right now
He is using an Arduino board running GRBL (with easy drivers for stepper control)

I'm running a hobby cnc pro board controlling the Nema 23 steppers in my CNC machine.

Find the steppers you want then google for any of the thousand schematics/driver boards,etc...

The internet is FULL of information.. simple google "stepper driver"