2's complementer using a shift register and XOR gates??

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    Apr 29, 2010
    Hey guys,

    so the question reads:

    It is known that the 2's complement of a binary number can be formed by leaving all significant 0's and the first 1 unchanged and complementing all other higher bits. Design a serial 2's complementer using this procedure. The circuit needs a shift register to store the binary number and an SR flip flop to be set when the first least significant 1 occurs. An XOR gate can be used to transfer the unchanged bits (x[xor]0=x) or complement the bits (x[xor]1=x').

    So i understand all the components in the circuit, like the register, the xor gates, and the SR, but i have no idea about how to mesh them together to form this circuit :(

    Any help would be mucho appreciatedo!