27MHz RF Help

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I've got a project involving transmitting data in the 27MHz CB range over a specific channel.

I've got no experience in RF communications and would like someone to help point me in the right direction. Some clarificaiton in how to transmit data over a frequency, setting the transmitting frequency and receiver. and also whether there are any inexpensive IC's that will transmit and receive. Basics of modulation would also be much appreciated.

I've had a look through digital communication textbooks, however they cover more theory over practical circuits.

Any help would be much appreciated.




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You may be off to a bad start. I believe the CB radio frequencies are specifically set aside for vox, not data transmission. That would mean that the FCC would regard your usage as illegal.

It also sounds as if you are proposing to construct the transmitter/receiver from scratch. That takes a great deal of training and experience to accomplish. Certainly more than this forum could teach you.

Searches for topics like "modulation" return many, many hits. You need to do some work to determine what kind of modulation over what frequency band might best suit your needs, and be legal.