240 three phase to single phase control board autoclave

Of course, a wiring diagram would help. ebay does have a money back gaurantee if you don;t get what's described.

We had some Germans doing some research in the US. They bought German furnaces. They got the power they needed. We had 60hz 4xx 3 phase "Y", 208 3 phase, 208 single phase, 277 single phase and 120 single phase available. they got the transformers they needed to get the voltage they needed.

The 4xx was for building infrastructure like HVAC.

We moved from a building that had 240V high leg Delta. I don't know what higher voltages the building had.
Motors were changed to 208 from 240 and some 240V heaters had to be replaced.


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IF WE BELIEVE THE RATING OF 6 Kw then each element would be 2 Kw. As you have measured the element resistance as 8 ohms then to get 2 Kw would require √(2000 *8) = 126 volts. (This would mean in it's 3 phase configuration the phase to phase voltage would have been 126 * √3 = 218 volts. ) so running from 120 volts would give 120 * 120 /8 = 1800 watts. This would give a total power of 5.4 Kw which would probably be enough. This would fit in with the primary 110 volt winding of the transformer being connected between one phase and neutral. So wiring it to the drawing in post #10 should work.