230VAC to 600VDC help please

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Hi everyone,

I am looking to make a device that will convert 230VAC to 600VDC that only has an output current of around 1mA ish.

Can anyone advise me on how to convert my AC to DC then boost the voltage to 600V and limit the current to 1mA.

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You will have a much easier time using a transformer to convert the 230VAC to a higher AC voltage. Then a rectifier and a high voltage capacitor should do the the job. That's how I always made a B+ supply for plate voltage.


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Enough people are using vacuum tubes that some suppliers have B+ transformers available. Look for something that puts out about 420 VAC.


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DC restorer? That's a circuit used to restore a signal level after passing through a coupling capacitor. They aren't much in demand since vacuum tubes lost out to transistors.


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Hi All,

I just registered today so this is my first post here. Another way to increase 240 VAC to "about" 600 VDC is to get an industrial control transformer with dual promary and secondary windings; the low voltage windings can be connected for 120 or 240 VAC [in series] and the high voltage windings for 240 or 480 VAC [also in series]. Connect the 480 VAC output to either a diode bridge, or a full-wave diode setup with a filter cap, using the center connection as the output common. The output voltage from this will be about 678 VDC if that's acceptable.

Because of your low current requirement you should look for about a 50 VA transformer or smaller to save money. Also, due to the high PIV on the diodes in a full-wave arrangement, use diodes rated at 1.5 KV PIV. Hope this helps.

Have you tried a voltage doubler circuit? It looks a bit like a full wave bridge rectifier with an extra capacitor and diode. No additional transformers are required, but the output will be a multiple of the half wave magnitude.

For limiting the current, you might try searching for "current limiting diodes" on Gooogle.