220 motor wiring help

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I am building a 2x72 belt grinder and purchased an Iron Horse 2hp AC motor and a vfd. Running 10/3 from the wall to the VFD then 12/4 from vfd to the motor.

I got all this wired up only to find that the 220 receptacle doesn't match the plug I bought. It's an Eaton Universal Angle plug 30/50amp 250v. Is there a different plug that can be wired on or do I need to change the receptacle to 3 wire? Can I wire a 4 prong plug with the 10/3 I already have? Not sure where to go from here.



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Not certain what plugs you have.
In old house the dryers were wired 3 conductor. In new houses they are wired 4 conductor. (US & Canada) Then stove tops have a slightly different. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I usually change the plug on the tool or change the socked in the wall. It is also possible to find a adapter. I usually take phone pictures of the two pieces I have and go to the store and look to see what is available and for what cost.
What is in your wall is good because it has L1, L2, N and ground. Some devices only have L1, L2 & N or L1, L2 & ground.



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You can obtain a plug for that receptacle you have, you would just leave the neutral conductor un-connected.
Home Depot have them.
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