20 inputs and 20 outputs GSM Controller

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Hi all,

I am currently using 3 of these of which involves using 3 x sims etc..I need around 20 outputs, 20 inputs and 2 x analogue inputs that will be 4 - 20mA


And I have achieved the following prototype of which I video'd last sunday


I now want the electronics to be a lot more streamline without banks of nasty timed relays, wires all over the place and reels of solder being used :confused:

I believe these to be the answer


I would need two of these joined together and the GSM unit.

The trouble is I cant afford the money it will cost to get someone to code them for me so I am thinking of buying one board and the gsm module and trying to learn how to do it myself...would you consider this a wise move? Seeing as I have never programmed anything before?