1st Post/1st Project, copy/build an RPM signal generator

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Hello! I'm extremely new to electronics, I would like to copy this dummy RPM signal generator because the guy I got it from has left the country and will not return until after May of next year and I need another one.

1st, a little about me, I'm 40, Navy active duty for over 18 years and am currently stationed in Japan....at least for the next few months, then set to return to the free world.

My Application:
- this is a signal generator that allows the Electric Power Steering unit that I installed in my 1970 Datsun 510 to power up. It works very nicely, but I have another project car that I want to install this similar unit in. Since the parts were sourced from a 2000 something Suzuki car, I need to generate the RPM signal that tells the Electric Power Steering Unit ECU that the engine is running so it will work.

1. Start collecting parts that are involved, I have done a little research and found a few suppliers.
2. Researched the making of a PCB, not sure with method I will use, but I thought the light resist method was interesting.....
3. planning to use the same parts, but I have read that the 8 pin CI 12F629 may need to be programmed>?? this could be a problem for me.
4. figure out what kind of signal the one I have is producing, if possible, to duplicate it. It has three wires, one 12v IGN switched and one ground, and the signal output that I connect to the EPS ECU to make it power up.
5. assemble the parts and see what happens, (on the floor of coarse..with all components wired.)

Here's a picture of what I am working with, looks fairly simple, but complicated to me at the same time. I have soldered a few times but never tried anything like this....any and all help or advise will be greatly appreciated and not go on deaf ears.


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