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  1. MrPJ1751

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    Sep 1, 2013
    I am attempting to understand basic electronics and I read the DC chapters, and the semiconductor chapters.

    What I am attempting to do is build a led light from those cheap eppistar lights on ebay.

    I am currently using individual LED drivers for for each LED 3w for a 2.2w diode and 10w for 10W diode.

    Now I want to take the 240watt 12v LED driver that I purchaced and make a large array.

    Based on what I learned I drew the attached schemit on digikey.com

    Each LED I want to use is 2.2~2.4 Forwarding Current @ 700ma

    I believe making 5 parallel circuits each with 5 series of lights would draw the correct amperage, but only 55Watts... So I am confused. If Irun out of amps in theory there is no more power?

    5pcs LED @2.2v 700Ma= 11v 700mA .... Is this correct?
    5 Parallel circuits would draw 11v@3.5A Is this correct?
    if these statements are correct then I need 5X this current configuration to consume all 240 watts, or switch to higher diodes such as 10w 20w or 30 watt...

    Am I anywhere close to being on the right track?:confused:
  2. Shagas

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    May 13, 2013
    Yes that is correct so if you want to have 5 parallel circuits then you need
    11v x 3,5A ~= 39 watts.
    The driver gives 12 volts and I assume that it has an adjustable constant current output so you won't need resistors and you just adjust the current to 3,5 A and that will be outputting 39 watts.

    If the LED driver is 12 volts and can give 240 watts that means that It can give a maximum current of 240/12 = 20 amps.
    Are you sure the driver is capable of 240 watts? That would be a pretty beefy driver.

    You don't have to consume all 240 watts....Thats just the maximum output . As I said , just adjust the current to 3,5 amps (for 5 strips of four leds ) and you will be fine .