1998 camry efi relay problems?

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    Nov 12, 2012
    My first time here.
    I having problems with my camry 1998 2.2
    After I change the muffler I got the check engine light
    I found the 02 wires from downatream were cut ,I had already put a new
    Sensor ,clean the throttlebody and the light still coming back after reseting
    This morning I noticed one of the headlights was dim so I went to get a new one
    Headlights still was dim futher inspection I found the fuce blown
    I also inspected the fuce and relay for the efi got in the car and start driving
    Th.e check engine was gone ,got home and I put the scann er .
    The dowmsteam sensor was working .turn the engine off check engine light was back
    Any idea what could be causing my problem. Or can I test if the
    Relay its blowing out or nor workin,short,grounded wire?
    I get two codes p0135and p0141 heater circuit not woking
    Bank 1 sensor 1 and 2.:confused:
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