18f4520, 74ls48

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    Jul 4, 2010
    Hello, i'm using PIC 18f4520.
    i'm trying to connect 3 seven segments to the pic.
    i'm using the seven segment to show readings from a temperature sensor.
    so my seven segment should show eg, (37.8)
    i'm using common Anode for seven segment
    i'm trying to reduce the numbers of pins needed to connect to the PIC.
    so i'm thinking of using HD74LS48 or 74LS47.
    Can anybody help me with the connection?
    i'm not sure whether to use 3 HD74LS48/74LS47 with the 3 seven segment or just use 1 74LS48/74LS47 for the 3 seven segment.
    i've searched for the datasheet for 74LS48/74LS47.
    it is shown there is 4 input. (ABCD).
    but i'm not sure where does ABCD goes to at my PIC.
    Am i suppose to use transistor for the seven segment?
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