18F4455 serial bootloader

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    Dec 4, 2008
    Hi all

    I have been playing with the old 16f84 etc for some time and I have a normal serial programmer..

    I have mostly been using C to code but I'm now learning ASM full force ;P

    I did a monkey job building 10 circuits using a 18F4455, I only did the etching and building and just pushed a hex file.. (just to earn some money) for a local company here in Iceland.. So I have like 10x 18F4455 left to play with.

    I would like to build a prototype board using a 18F4455 and I really would like to be able to push code via serial port so I can do some trial by error coding.

    aaand.. I don't want to spend money ordering some ready made board..

    I have the max232 chip.. so It's fairly easy for me to build the board.. it's just the bootloader that I need.

    I can see on microchip http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/srlbootl.zip that there is a serial bootloader ready:

    ; bootloader for the PIC18F252/452
    ; This is an example of a bootloader routine for the PIC18FX52. The
    ; PICDEM2 was used for development. A 10MHz clock was selected.

    So, now there is the question:

    does anyone here know If this should just work directly on the 4455 ..or do I have to do alot of reading and looking to change registers / outputs

    or do you guys have a magic link to some .hex bootloader for this chip ?

    - Benni