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    Aug 13, 2008
    i bought 3 speakers yesterday and was wondering if anyone could help me with the amplifiers. two speakers are 6Watts and one sub rated at 16Watts. i found a circuit for a 16w amp but i cannot find the chip any were. is the an alternative to the chip? if not, does any one have any ideas on a circuit????
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    Speakers rated at only 6 Whats and only 16 Whats are garbage.
    Real Speakers are rated at 60 Watts and 600 Watts.

    Look in Google. The old LM383 amplifier IC has not been made since 1998. The TDA2003 and TDA2004 amplifier ICs are almost the same and are also not available today.

    The TDA7240A amplifier IC is two bridged TDA2003 amplifier ICs in one package and is available today. Its datasheet has a pcb design for it.
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    A more important question is, what is the rating of your power supply? And also I think you will find much more useful circuits than the lm383. Do you have to use the lm383 or can you get something else? Then I know your power supply spec I may suggest some circuits