16 x 2 LCD Pins HELP!

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i am currently doing my third year project. i am building a portable patient monitor. For the display of the system i am using a 16 x2 LCD display. During the process of putting my parts together i realized PADS layout put the pins of the LCD the wrong way round instead of PIN14 - PIN1 it made the connections to PIN1 - PIN14 . i am just wondering if they make LCDs with the pins the opposite way if they do please advice where i can buy it in the uk or the name of it. i am tight on time and have already put all my parts in so starting again will be hell.



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If you already have the mating board made your only real solution is to scrap the boards and start again or use loose wires instead of a pin header to connect the holes in the LCD to the mating board. They do not make LCD's with backwards pin assignments.


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Some LCDs have the connectors at the top of the LCD, others at the bottom.
You also have two simple solutions. You can try turning over the PCB or you can use a short piece of ribbon cable.