16-bit Microprocessor

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At the attached circuit, did any one can teach me the application and function about it.

I just know the function of each component, but didn't know the circuit function and it application.

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In my schooling we built the baby brother of this: a 4-bit microcontroller that did some very simple stuff (the clock was a debounced pushbutton switch!) so it looks kinda familiar...

First make the whole thing a black box. You have 16 bits of data in (din), a clock line, a reset line, 16 bits of address out, 16 bits of data out, and a read line.

Internally, there are decoders for operational control, decoding logic (the and & or gates), an ALU (ADD16/alu) feeding into and being fed by an accumulator (REG16/ac), an instruction register (REG16/ir), an address register (REG16/ad), a program counter (REG16/pc) and a data register (REG16/dr). (Sounds like a 16-bit micro processor!) The multiplexer (MUX8/busmux) controls what data appears on the data out lines.