13 units of 17VDC 15A run in series off a rectified mains?

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Arthur Johnson

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I is WAY too expensive to make a lot of buck boosters to make the 17v 15A supplies we need from the huge DC source we have.

As I remember a circuit, the series voltages of the components in the circuit make up the voltage. If the PSU is higher voltage than the series of units, the units will get too much voltage. Easy, right?

Now current. Each component gets the amperage of the portion of the total resistance of all components.

Since our need is for thirteen units of 17 VDC 15A each, is there some reason we are too dumb too see the obvious? Rectify the AC mains with a current of 200A, place a ripple cap parallel from V+ to ground, and use that output as a constant voltage source for the 13 units in series. Too simple?


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Does the equipment in question require a regulated supply? What is the nature of each?
If they do not, a simple bridge rectifier and smoothing capacitor bank could be possible.
A voltage regulated supply for that current value could be fairly costly.
I don't know what one of your "units" do but you are making a lot of assumptions that are not correct.
  1. Full wave bridge rectified output from a 120VAC input would be a peak of about 170 VDC. 10 units in series.
  2. You assume that each always pulls exactly 15A. I doubt that is true.
  3. If the units are all in series you would only need the 15A, not 200A.
Please provide more detail on the nature of a unit.


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Your requirements call for about 3500W. Hence at 220VAC, you need only about 16A.
The problem with series supplies is that you cannot have a common ground. All the supplies must be isolated from each other.

What you need is 200A @ 17VDC supply.
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