12vdc to 32.2vdc voltage amp

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    Aug 23, 2012
    Here is the situation...

    I have an old '78 XS 750 that I am restoring. The electrical system is unreliable and seems to be the major complaint others have with this model. So to make things easier, I have decided to scrap the factory system and replace it with my own. The only problem I am having is finding a way to step up the voltage from the regulator from 12vdc to 32.2vdc easily. I could rewind the strator to output the higher voltage and depend on regulators or dividers (or both). I could find a transformer somewhere that could give me the required voltage. I have thousands of components sitting here in the workshop that I could use. Every time I find a schematic that uses what I have, it does not work. I thought I had the problem solved when I found a diagram using lm317s and 2n3055s but ended up with a tenth of the voltage I was supposed to?

    I am rather new to this kind of thing but have no problem understanding schematics. I have read through quite a bit of the information on this site as well as others and have not found an answer. Any help would be appreciated. If I am unable to find an answer here, I do have a back up plan so no worries. I can use my 12vdc 1.05 Ah LED instead of my 32.2vdc 780 mA Led for my headlight. The second one is twice as bright though.
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    You would need a boost converter to step up a DC voltage but you are not going to get much help here because there is a strict policy of not discussing automotive modifications.

    Sorry ...