12vac to 12vdc

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    Dec 24, 2012
    good day to all,
    can someone help me on my project VAC to VDC,,i had a motorcycle with a 12VAC up to 14VAC to headlight at high reving with a 2.8amp charging on my battery using clamp tester,,sory guys im a newbie and not familiar to converting VAC to VDC,,some other say a simple rectifier and capacitor will do..but im not with that and not tested it,
    im going to put an HID on my motorcycle(MC) but the charging V is up to 14VDC with a 2.8amps..my ballast nid a 9-15VDC and 3.3amps in normal..i can put my HID wiring straight to the battery but after an hour my battery get drain,,so can anyone help me how to make a 12VAC to atleast 12VDC 3.3amp.thanks
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    Jul 18, 2012
    There seems to be a strict rule here about automotive topics. That said I have never seen an instance where the alternator's output was not rectified by a diode assembly consisting of 6 diodes (Internally the alternator is three phase). There should be no AC getting to your battery or solid state electronics.
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    To charge your 12 V lead acid battery, you need 14 vdc (minimum) with a reduction circuit when the battery is nearing final charge. For a single phase rectifier, you will need 14 vdc x 1.11 or 15.6 Vac (transformer secondary voltage)...16 V secondary will do. There are many commercial tapering charger circuits on the market that will allow your battery to maintain a full charge.

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