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I'm workin on a small project at my fire station. I'm trying to install a siren known as a Q siren. I believe it's a 6v power motor. So I'm wanting to wire it from the 12v battery to a switch then to the motor. So I'm on here to find out what is the best way to wire the siren. I have a little knowledge in electicral stuff. Do I use a relay, How do I convert the 12v to 6v, I did use a 20A fuse at first but it blew right away. So I know I'll need a bigger fuse but how do I know what's right or to much. Anyway. Hope someone can guide me in the right direction.

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I've been looking around or a step down transformer like you suggested but this siren draws a lot of amps 20+ is there any transformers you can point me too?


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Is this a wall mounted AC Siren, or a vehicle mounted Siren?

If you tried to hook up a transformer to a siren, you'd blow the fuse, since transformers only work with AC.

Due to the nature of the circuit (high public safety requirement), and the availability of electronics install guys for the PD/FD in nearly all areas, I'd have to sugggest you have on of the techs take a look at it.

A DIY solution would be a rather complicated circuit, and as somebody unfamiliar with the type of circuit built built it, reliability may be low, which is something the forum terms of service forbid.

-Anything that compromises safety in an automobile
-Anything that puts the public at risk (malfunctioning warning would do that)


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Here is a link to Federal Signal's page for the Q siren:

If you are not certain of the specifications of your siren, I urge you to find the exact model number of it, and check against the specifications on the website.

If you cannot find the model number on the siren, or the model number does not match what they have on the website, you should contact the company and ask them either for specifications and installation information for the particular model you have, or how to determine the model number, and then the specifications and installation information.

This really is a safety issue, and as such, you really need a trained tech to properly install it.

For the safety of your hearing, don't ever energize the siren unless everyone in the area is wearing hearing protection. Tinnitus/hearing loss is no laughing matter.