12v input/output Sound to Light project *Warning major noob*

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Hi, new to these forums so i am sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I want to build a Sound to Light Controller to run 12v neon's designed for a car. It would run off the 12v Car battery and then turn on the neon's to the sound of the car audio system, I want the controller to be able to have a sensitivity adjustment and also a permanent on setting also (and of course an off setting). I also want it to be able to be flexible with how many neon's it can be connected to.

For example: say i have 5 neon's atm (say I rewire the neon's with an RCA jacks on the ends.) and if i wanted to add a few more neon's to my car and not have to worry about changing anymore circuitry. (Probably all together 12 possible outputs).

Problem is i haven't got much circuitry knowledge, but i can solder very well, i just need some help with a certain kit i can buy and then mod or if someone is able to actually draw a *noob friendly* diagram it would be so much help. I saw another thread about a sound to light circuit so maybe it could be based on something like this.



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You need to do some research:
1) Can the neons "flicker" quickly or are they designed to turn on and stay turned on?
2) How much current do they need?
3) How will you adjust the level of the audio going to the control circuit so that the neons are not turned on all the time when the music is loud or not turn on when the music is not loud?