12V,24V DC - 10A Motor Controller using IC driver.

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  1. nathanas

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    Oct 23, 2013
    Hi there!
    I need some help in my university project.
    I need to control 12V & 24V / 10A motors from the same circuit board.
    I need to control the motor speed and the motor direction too.

    So i have to make a PCB for that, but I cannot find a lot of info on 24V motors, but only for 12V ones.

    I want to use the IR2110, which I have already bought.
    I made a PCB with the schematic given below, but it doesn't use an IC driver, so my teacher asked me to make a better one using IR2110.

    Can someone help me finish this project by sharing a circuit with me so I manage to make it work?

    It is pretty important that this board is meant to be controlling 12V motors & 24V ones using PWM.

    I'll be pretty happy if someone could help me on that.

    Circuit already made: http://www.mycontraption.com/high-power-mosfet-motor-driver/

    Something like what I want to make: http://tahmidmc.blogspot.gr/2013/01/using-high-low-side-driver-ir2110-with.html
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  2. shortbus

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    Sep 30, 2009
    Why not use what is on the second link?

    You will need more than just one IR2110, that is just one half of a H-bridge control. A H-bridge takes two of the IR2110 and four Nmosfets. And each high side switch also needs a boot strap circuit.

    A 24V motor takes the same basic circuit as a 12V motor. Only with the mosfets and diodes sized for the higher voltage.

    No offense meant, but, if you are serious about learning electronics or for that matter any thing in life, you need to first learn how to research your problem. That is why you are in school.
  3. nathanas

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    Oct 23, 2013
    So could you please point me to the right direction on how to research right.
    I want an easy tutorial on how mosfets are used, or how to research the correct electronic components.
    I do not study electronics.
    Just programming already-made boards, but I am interested in learning electronics too.

    If I am interested in controling 12VDC - 230VDC (10A) motors, the mosfet below is ok right?
    I know that I have to user 2 IR2110, and I also think that the bootstrap circuit is also included in the link in the first post. D1,C1 & C2 form the bootstrap circuit right?
  4. ronv

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    Nov 12, 2008
    The only problem with using the bootstrap of the IR2110 is that you can't run the motor at full speed (100% PWM). You probably want a driver with a charge pump. Have a look at the HIP4080 or 4081. I have used them with good results.
    You can't just use the first circuit on 24 volts because the gate source voltage would be to high.
    A lot of times the data sheets have good information.