12F635 & FAN REGULATOR - Help needed to understand

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I have 12F635 with me, with this little baby I want to be able to control the speed of my fan. Plan is to control it remotely usinig my RF Modules in the second stage. I will try to keep you all updated on this project as it will be a start from scratch. I will be using picbasic pro for this.

I want to add that for this project I have available MOC 3031/32/33 optocouplers + Triac, I dont know about zero crossing (so any help with the code+brief description will be helpful) and it will be used in my home with 240V 50Hz.
Any help or pointing in the right direction will be much appreciated


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If you are intersted, there is a post with a (PIC16f, I think) 2 pages back in this forum using IR remote. You could easily modify it as he has also provided the source code there. Take a look, he uses a triac also.