12C508A Programmer Hardware and Hex assembly

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Hi I've been working on a transmitter project, I started by copying a PCB of a 1 Watt exciter board used by most typical London pirate radio stations, after 6 hand drawn schematics and 1 final version completed with a design package on computer with all components listed, I managed to produce my own working versions with much success, but the problem I've got is that the exciter board is a VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) which is controlled by 2 IC's. One is a MC145170P2 PLL controller (Phase Lock Loop) and the other is 12C508A PIC and the relation of the 2 IC's is in serial.

I currently have 3 of the 12C508A PIC's already programmed with the required frequencies. 1 is on 91.6Mhz, 2nd is on 99.6Mhz and the final 1 in on 107Mhz. What I 'm eager to know is can someone look at the Hex files I've got and reverse engineer the other frequencies from 87.5FM to 108FM.

I've Looked at the data sheet for the MC145170P2 and its a very good PLL stabilizer and there may be more than one way to control the MC145170P2.

Please can someone help me.
Thank you....