12 volt resistor

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I have an 12 volt brake control to operate the brakes on my trailer and I would like to find a resister to lower the power goint to the trailer. This used to be a common item for this purpose but I can't find one. Also is there anything that will keep current from coming back from the trailer to the controller but still let current go to the trailer? Linda


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Yes you can use a diode to let the current flow in one direction only but it would be helpful to post a schematic of your circuit and the voltage and current requirements.


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You can use a diode to isolate the controller. I have no idea about the resistor you want. Have you asked at an auto parts store?


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A local Radio Shack can sell you the diode. I can't tell you the current, but one good for 6 amps should be enough. Don't sweat the voltage - you've only got 12. Cheapest way out is often a bridge rectifier. A big 400 volt 35 amp bridge is as cheap as one 6 amp single diode. To isolate the controller, connect the + terminal to the controller, and either AC terminal to the trailer.

No guess about that resistor, though.