12 volt dc to 12 volt ac

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I am asking if it possible to happened or made then. Is it possible?

My plan is to make an AC power source. :) 240 volts AC (mains) is very very lethal.:eek:

So, I guess, I only need 12 volt AC. :)

My problem is maybe some of my or totally whole of my 12 volt lightning devices. Maybe because they are only workable with DC.:(

So guys, how do I made 12 volt AC power source. I heard of an inverter.

pls help~~~


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If you are sure you want ac it sounds like all you need is a step down transformer, wall wart type would be best. They also make them that have a dc output,which is more common.

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You could use an oscillator at the required frequency feeding an ac coupling capacitor. However, this would only net you 12 / 2sqrt(2) volts ac or about 4.26V. You would need a higher voltage to produce the minimum required 12 * 2sqrt(2) swing, or 34V, assuming your virtual ac neutral is at 17V.


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Because I want to have an AC power source. :)
Then just get a step down transformer as already suggested...

But if this is still for your DC lightbulb project it seems silly to step down to 12VAC then rectify it externally instead of just using a suitable 12VDC power supply


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Ikea may have the thing you want, look in their lighting department. They have several lines of 12V lights and some hefty transformers to support them.

And they be inexpensive if you have one locally.


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He's is living in the Phillipines gentlemen. Not exactly a place with a Starbucks on every corner...

The transformer idea is still a good one however. The chances are good that you could find a 'junked' piece of electronics that would have a useable transformer inside which you could reclaim and use for other purposes.