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I recently made an automatic chicken door opener. I have a 110vac photodetector wired to 110vac relay. When the relay trips it provides 12vdc to a motor to raise and lower a door. The 12vdc power supply keeps failing, only last a day or two. Do I need to provide diode protection or some other protection from the relay kickback? Is that what is killing my 12vdc power supplies?


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Hard to say without seeing the circuit, but relay kickback occurs across the coil of the relay, not the contacts.

What is the power supply?


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Do you have a link to the power supply you are using, as well as the motor you are using?

Simpler, output Current/Amp rating of power supply, and stall current of motor.


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Post a complete circuit including motor model.

Motor windings have an inductance and a resistance. Relay contacts bounce when they open or close. Depending on your motor it may create voltage that affects your power supply.

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chicken door wiring.gif

hope the crudeness does not offend anyone for I am only a chemical engineer, the photodector is just homedepot off the shelf
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